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What makes us different

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Taking more of a fine art approach to architectural metalwork changes the way a fabrication shop works. For starters, our point of departure for design focuses on other metals and characteristics in your home or space.

This is important because drawing on similarities, whether they are material, types of finish, or shape, helps to form a sense of continuity and balance between the other items in a space. We approach a home or space as though it is your personal gallery and would like to add that as the curator of your space, it is for you to decide who can best actualize your vision.

Total metal domination

Mind Over Material is primarily an artisan metals studio. So, to accommodate design challenges, we harness the abilities of the most talented subcontractors in the region. This is done for a couple of reasons.

First, while we have the ability to provide many of the services our subcontractors do, their specialization in a particular area provides an unsurpassed quality. Second, using subcontractors allows us to devote more resources to design and producing exceptional metalwork.

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